SMAS Lifting

ULTRAformer 3

SMAS is a non-surgical facelift that became possible by modern machine - ULTRAformer 3. Today it is the most popular non-surgical procedure that provides lifting and rejuvenation of the face and body, comparable to the effect of plastic surgery. At the same time, it allows you to avoid anesthesia, stitches and does not require rehabilitation.

ULTRAformer 3 gives an instant tightening effect, which grows in 3 years and lasts up to 1.5 years. In addition to tightening the skin, the device improves skin quality, contracts muscles and strengthens ligaments. Nothing can resist the force of gravity and, as we know, all our tissues “sink” with age, and this procedure allows us to return the face and body to its former youth without a scalpel. ULTRAformer 3 is the most effective method available these days.