The manicure and pedicure have long since become your calling card in the modern world and all you have to do is find the master who will meet all your needs. With us, the manicure and pedicure is performed by masters who have passed international certification and work with the best equipment and with the best materials available and with materials from the Luxio company. Also, with us you will find additional services such as building nails and painting on the nails Send a message to make an appointment.
You can submit a request for the service through a manager or make an appointment online.
Manicure & Pedicure

Well-maintained nails are a must! The only thing to do is to find the perfect master.

People working at or clinic are highly qualified professionals with rich work experience. They go through an eyerly advanced training, always keeping an eye on the latest techniques and materials. Some of the companies we work with include Kart, OPI, and ESS. Our specialists do mechanical, machine and acid manicures and pedicures. After our treatments, you’ll have healthier, beautiful nails!

Price: Manicure and gel polish 220₪

Price: Manicure and nail polish regular 150₪

Price: Regular manicure 120₪

Price: Design 10-100₪

Price: Gel Coating 180₪

Price: Pedicure and gel polish 250₪

Price: Pedicure with or without varnish 180₪

Price: Mini pedicure and gel polish 180₪

Price: Mini pedicure with regular or without varnish 150₪

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