Cosmetic injections

Botulinum toxin

Botulinum therapy is a specific way to eliminate facial wrinkles from the area of ​​​​the eyes, forehead, and lines between brows, injections are also used as a treatment for hyperhidrosis (sweating) and bruxism (hypertonicity of the masticatory muscles).

Types of products we use: Xeomin.

How does it work? Muscle relaxation can be reliably achieved intramuscularly or under skin injection. Just one procedure helps to slow down skin aging processes of the face and neck: to smooth out wrinkles between and above the eyebrows, wrinkles that form around the outside of the eyes (Crow's Feet), over the forehead, right above the nose, around the mouth, chin and neck.

Injection one zone - forehead / between the eyebrows / eyes 550 NIS

Injection three zones - 1600 NIS

Treatment of hyperhidrosis - 2200 NIS

Bruxism ( chewing muscle ) - 700 NIS


Biorevitalization is a safe contemporary method of restoring youth. Biorevitalization treatment (face injections: into the lips, under the eyes, nasolabial folds, and hands skin) effectively eliminates dryness, flaking, and deep and fine wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of vitamins feed a skin retaining water molecules, providing an excellent moisturizing effect. Good hydration and nutrition with vitamins are important conditions for skin elasticity. Biorevitalization stimulates collagen, elastin, and natural hyaluronic acid synthesis in tissues. When we are young our tissues independently synthesize a sufficient hyaluronic acid and amino acids. As we age the synthesis of beneficial substances decreases. Biorevitalization helps your skin restore its tone and elasticity. This method is approachable for any area of the lips, face, eyes, hands, neck, and décolleté


Profhilo - 2 ml. Manufactured by - IBSA, Italy. 2100NIS

Skin Booster Viscoderm - 1.1 ml. Manufactured by - IBSA, Italy. 1250 NIS

Skin Booster Restylane - 1 ml. Manufactured by - Galderma, Sweden. 1250 NIS

Nithya  collagen (Face+Neck) - 70 mg. Manufactured by - Euroresearch, Italy. 1450 NIS

Jalupro Super HMW  - 1.5 ml. Manufactured by - Professional Derma, SW. 1750 NIS


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for thin and dehydrated skin. In our clinic, we use one of the best products of the TEOSYAL line (teosyal Meso) from Switzerland. Teosyal Meso uses as a powerful restorative for damaged skin, after traumatic procedures or sunburn. It also helps with household and chemical origin burns. The point revenue of hyaluronic acid has a positive effect on the tone, elasticity, and health of the skin.


RRS ® HA Hyalift  3 ml. Manufactured by - Skin Tech, Spain. 1400 NIS

Meso botulinum Manufactured by - XEOMIN, Switzerland. 1200 NIS

RRS® HA Eyes  - 1.5 мл Manufactured by- Skin Tech, Spain. 900 NIS

Scalp mesotherapy - stimulation of hair growth

Medical indications for the procedure:
  • Reactive hair loss;
  • Hair breakage;
  • Seborrhea, dandruff;
  • The premature appearance of gray hair;
  • Androgenetic alopecia;
  • Alopecia areata.
Mesotherapy is the implementation of microscopic injections into the papillary dermis. XL-HAIR injections contain hyaluronic acid, minerals - calcium,copper, iron, magnesium, nickel, potassium, sodium, and zinc; amino acids, and vitamins. Mesotherapy restores the microcirculation of the scalp and revitalizes the hair follicle since vitamins go directly.


XL Hair® Manufactured by- Skin Tech, Spain. 800 NIS

Lip contouring injection

Indications for lip correction with hyaluronic acid: lip asymmetry: if the upper lip is visually fuтller than the lower one or vice versa; droopy corners of the mouth: the correction of this problem has a rejuvenating effect and makes the face more attractive; fuzzy lip contour: the procedure helps to make this part of the face more expressive; insufficient volume: fill the “incompetent lips” with hyaluronic acid with the proper selection of the method will give them juiciness and lightly "childish" swelling; dry lips: hyaluronic acid makes the lip skin more elastic.


Restylane  - 1 мl. Manufactured by- Galderma, Sweden. 1550 NIS

Revanesse - 1.2 мl. Manufactured by - PMT, Canada. 1550 NIS

Aliaxin  - 1 мl. Manufactured by - IBSA, Italia. 1500 NIS

Stylage  - 1 мl. Manufactured by - Vivacy, France. 1600 NIS

Contour Plastic of the Face

Contour plastic is a treatment for correcting the relief of the skin with filler Injections. Along with the mechanical filling of the defect (wrinkles, scars), they moisturize the deep layers of the dermis, restoring the skin's former elasticity and color. This is a non-surgical facial reconfiguration technique to reduce the appearance of the signs of aging. Remove bags under the eyes and nasolabial folds, also emphasize the shape of cheekbones, create jaw angles, fill the lips or change the chin shape.


Restylane - 1 мл. Manufactured by- Galderma, Sweden. 1600 NIS

Revanesse - 1.2 мl. Manufactured by - PMT, Canada. 1600 NIS

Aliaxin  - 1 мl. Manufactured by - IBSA, Italia. 1600 NIS

Stylage XL  - 1 мl. Manufactured by- Vyvacy, Франция. 1700 NIS

Stylage XXL - 1 мl. Manufactured by - Vyvacy, Франция. 1700 NIS

Нос контурная пластика Stylage XL  - 1 мл. Manufactured by - Vyvacy, Франция. 2200 NIS


SUPREALL Manufactured by - Dermaqual, France. 700 NIS

Removal of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronidase (contains in Longidase and Lidase preparations) is typically used to break down the hyaluronic acid found in dermal filler. Hyaluronidase is a special enzyme that allows faster acceleration in the absorption and removal of hyaluronic acid from the area of unsuccessful correction.


Longidaza 1 area. 900 NIS

Bio-Remodelling Treatment - Profhilo

During the bio-remodeling procedure, the stabilized hyaluronic acid is naturally embedded in the tissues and provides a quick and lasting rejuvenation effect. In addition to visible skin lifting after the first procedure also texture, elasticity, and hydration of the skin are significantly improved, everything has been experimentally and clinically proven. The procedure takes only 5 minutes, and injections are performed at just 5 points on each side of the face. Super fast, only a few punctures - minimal discomfort. And no recovery period.


Profhilo  - 2 мл. Manufactured by - IBSA, Italy. 2100 NIS

Papilloma Removal

Removal of papilloma with laser therapy is an effective and popular method for the quick and painless removal of papillomas and other skin formations. The laser beams penetrate the epidermis, preserving it. The wavelength of such a laser is chosen in such a way that healthy skin is not damaged, and this ensures the maximum aesthetics of the procedure.


1 impulse - 95 NIS