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Any clinic is primarily the specialists who work in it.
Evgenia Visotsky is the leading specialist and creator of the Cosmetology Tel Aviv clinic. A cosmetologist with experience in Moscow clinics graduated from the International English Academy ITEC, Moscow Institute of Aesthetic Medicine DRC.
Evgenia Visotsky
founder and leading specialist
In 2018, having moved to Israel, having studied at leading Israeli schools, she opened her own aesthetic cosmetology clinic in the center of Tel Aviv. To date, more than 2700 regular grateful customers visit the Cosmetology Tel Aviv clinic.
The team
All our specialists undergo regular professional development and follow the innovations in the world of the beauty industry. Therefore, when you come to Cosmetology Tel Aviv, you get a service, an individual approach to your beauty, and a quality guarantee.
In one place, we have collected the most popular areas of aesthetic cosmetology. Correction of body volume, stretch marks, cellulite, puffiness, and varicose veins - all these problems you can solve in our clinic.
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