Lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the elimination of unnecessary fluids and toxins from the body. The main task of lymphatic drainage is to significantly increase the rate of lymph flow. Thus, the body removes the products of cellular decay, receiving in return nutrients, mineral compounds and oxygen. Lymphatic drainage has a wide range of cosmetic, health-improving effects on the body.
• improvement of lymph outflow, removal of toxins from the body
• fight against edema
• improving the flow of oxygen, nutrients to the cells of the body
• fight against age-related changes
• reduction of the appearance of cellulite
• body shaping
• relaxing effect, combating insomnia
• reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars, scars
• increased immunity
• skin improvement
• relief of symptoms of varicose veins
(Recommendation: An intensive course twice a year of 8-12 procedures (2-3 times a week))


60 min - 350 

90 min - 450 

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