Sport massage

Sport massage is a technique used to prepare the body for physical activity, as well as to accelerate the recovery process after exercise. Sport massage allows you to increase the physical endurance of the body and improve athletic performance in both professional and amateur athletes. It consists in a deeper detailed study of muscle groups.
The results of applying the technique:
• increase in body endurance
• removal of muscle spasms
• acceleration of the recovery process after physical activities
• fight against the consequences of sprains, hematomas, reduction of pain syndrome
• reducing the risk of injury and damage
• reducing the level of fatigue
• improving the speed of reaction
• increase in muscle elasticity
• improvement of lymph outflow, blood circulation, removal of toxins from the body
• improvement of general physical condition
• getting rid of stagnation of lactic acid after serious physical exertion
• increasing the level of stress resistance


60 min - 300 

90 min - 400

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