Reflexology is a type of therapy in which the reflex points of the body are affected, these points mostly located on the feet, hands, ears and head.
Today, reflexology is used as a therapeutic treatment for a full range of conditions, including back pain, sports injuries, migraines and arthritis. This type of therapy is even considered effective in treating infertility, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances and sleep disorders. One of the most important uses of reflexology is stress relief.

Effects from a reflexology session:
  • pleasant and deep relaxation
  • sleep improvement
  • increased focus and attention
  • restored harmony
  • strengthening immunity
  • relief of pain and ailment
  • stress relief
  • improved blood circulation
  • stimulation of metabolic processes
  • cleansing the body

Session time - 30 min.
Price - 200 shekel
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