Teeth whitening ZOOM 4

Teeth whitening ZOOM 4

Teeth Whitening ZOOM 4 (Philips ZOOM!  WhiteSpeed) is today's most advanced and safe enamel lightening method.  A unique technology explains the fantastic effect: when the gel touches the teeth, the peroxide component breaks down into tiny oxygen bubbles that work on removing stains.  A mercury metal halide lamp activates the gel and speeds up the whitening process.

The ZOOM 4 teeth whitening system provides lightening by more than four tones.  Your teeth will become much lighter in just one visit – the whitening session lasts only 45 minutes.
Suitable for people with sensitive enamel.  ZOOM 4-the system has beneficial auxiliary properties: the gel applied to the teeth contains amorphous calcium phosphate.  During the procedure, he fills in all the micro-cracks on the enamel, thereby "cementing" it.

The result of ZOOM 4 whitening lasts at least a year.  If you follow all the recommendations of the dentist, then this period can be significantly extended.

Price - 2200₪

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