MultiVit Sun Protector 30


Advantages of MultiVitamin Sun Protection Cream:

- Protects against HEV/UVA/UVB/IR rays and free radicals

- Enhances cell resilience to temperature-induced stress

- Improves skin moisture levels

- Prevents damage to the micro-matrix

Active ingredients of MultiVit Sun Protector:

(Titanium Dioxides (Nano) - maximum sun protection against IR + UV + IR + HEV. Provides high protection against photoaging, wrinkle formation, and hyperpigmentation.

Encapsulated UV Pearls - UV pearls coated

Ectoin - an ingredient with many properties, which reduces the formation of sunburn cells and damage caused by UVA radiation. It also serves as a "moisture reservoir" to minimize water loss in dry or atopic skin.

Vitamins C, E - act as antioxidants.

Vitamin B - provides essential nutrition for the skin.


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