Foot massage

Recommended for nervous overstrain, stress, overwork, work "on legs", intense physical activity, sedentary lifestyle in order to avoid congestion and edema.

Thanks to stroking, rubbing and kneading, lymph flow is activated, blood circulation improves, muscles relax. As a result, swelling, heaviness, discomfort disappear, strength and performance are restored.

A foot massage has a beneficial effect on the entire musculoskeletal system. A healthy foot is the key to correct posture, reducing the risk of osteochondrosis and pinching.

Foot massage:

  • stimulates lymph and blood flow;
  • relieves puffiness;
  • tones up muscles, skin and blood vessels;
  • eliminates tension, pain, spasms;
  • soothes, improves mood;
  • normalizes sleep and appetite;
  • prevents stress;
  • activates the immune system;
  • trains cardiovascular activity;
  • gives strength, restores working capacity;