Chemical Peels and Cosmetological Equipment-aided Peels

The main purpose of the peel is skin renewal.  It works by removing scars, post-acne texture, minimizing the appearance of pores, as well as resurfacing and renewing the skin  Our specialist will help you choose the treatment which will be perfect for you.  At your consultation, we will set up a unique program for several types of procedures or treatments.

Price: Acid Peel - 400₪
Price: Carbon Peel - 450₪
Price: Peel PRX-T33/ TCA/ Jessner/BioRePeel - 600₪
Price: Coral Peel Rose de Mer - 650₪
Price: Alma laser Clear Lift laser Peel 2940 - 1400₪
Price: Alma laser scar resurfacing - from 150₪

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