Lip contouring

Contourplasty is one of the most modern ways to improve facial contours without surgery. The essence of the procedure is the subcutaneous injection of biocompatible gels based on hyaluronic acid.

Indications for lip correction with hyaluronic acid:
● Asymmetry - the upper lip is visibly fuller than the lower lip or vice versa;
● Drooping corners of the mouth - the correction of this problem has a rejuvenating effect and makes one’s face more attractive;
● Fuzzy lip contour - the procedure helps to make this part of the face more expressive;
● Lack of volume - lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, when the method is chosen correctly, will give them juiciness and a moderate "childlike" puffiness;
● The appearance of age-related changes - fillings can hide signs of aging, to remove fine lines and wrinkles;
● Dry lips - biorevitalization can make the skin in this area more elastic and supple.