Biorevitalization is one of the most effective modern methods of restoring skin youthfulness through injections of hyaluronic acid.

This acid can attract and retain water molecules, providing an excellent moisturizing effect, and good hydration is an important condition for the elasticity of the skin. Biorevitalization stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and natural hyaluronic acid in the tissues.

What problem does this procedure solve? When we are young, our tissues synthesize enough hyaluronic acid on their own. However, as we age, its production decreases. The result is a loss of skin tone, dryness, flaking, wrinkles, and sagging folds. This lack of water is especially noticeable at the cheekbones and in other thin skin areas. It gives an impression of "sunken eyes,” the nasolabial folds become deeper, the blood vessels begin to show through the skin, giving it a bluish tint. Hyaluronic acid injections into facial tissues: to the lips, under the eye area, and the nasolabial folds effectively prevent the development of these abnormalities.