Foigt Iliya

Graduated from the Novosibirsk State Medical University with a degree in physical medicine and rehabilitation (M.D). Since 2014, practicing and studying alternative techniques & treatments to improve health and body condition using a comprehensive approach for effective health maintenance. Assists in resolving primary and chronic health issues both to the patients with and without pre-existing medical conditions, and helps to restore an adequate rhythm of life after any injuries, surgeries, neurological and other pathologies. Actively introduces into his practices different innovative methods such as Yumeiho massage, manual therapy, osteopathic techniques, body-oriented therapy, cupping and gua sha massage, aromatherapy, and other methods that are individually suitable for the patient at a particular stage of recovery. Also deals with all sorts of nutritional issues, helping to adapt the current lifestyle and habits to the desired one. Everything starting from the resolution of the slightest discomfort to cardinal changes in your body condition is the area of direct interest of our physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist.